The sweet spot of unified communications

Hybrid TDM/IP-PBX for Enterprise Voice with an extensive Enterprise feature set for traditional to next generation communication

Industry leader in Wireless DECT deployments – Cordless Enterprise

Support for native SIP Subscribers

Integrated into OpenScape Management – zero touch maintenance

Single system scales up to 12,000 users

Active-Standby dual node architecture, no calls lost on switchover

Supports high analog and TDM requirements and for OpenScape 4000 Branch as hybrid side

Fits into virtualized architecture (VMware), delivered as a vApp

Bulletproof infrastructure

As part of the OpenScape Enterprise portfolio, OpenScape 4000 bridges the gap from legacy digital communications to IP-based unified communications. Both reside side-by-side in the same enterprise, on the same platform. You leverage and enhance your existing communications by introducing powerful state-of-the-art UC capabilities. But where needed, as needed.

Designed for enterprises from 300 to 12,000 users, OpenScape 4000 supports the full range of OpenScape UC for high-demand users, while allowing you to keep moderate-demand desks in digital format.

While mirroring the feature set and many of the same capabilities of our flagship OpenScape solution, OpenScape 4000 isn’t the new kid on the block—it’s been around and will stay around.

Flexible licensing means your users can move from one technology to the other as your needs demand. For data center deployments, it runs on industry-standard servers or as a traditional PBX platform. You need your communications ecosystem to do some heavy lifting? This just works.

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